July 05, 2007

Everyone needs a cow kettle

I know.....I know. You want one too. Well Too bad! It is ours and you can't have it. Everyone wants a cow kettle. You will have to come over for tea if you want to know if it Moo's when the water is boiling.

So...is there anybody out there that can tell me how I can add pages to my blog? I want to make it so I can have a heading and you click on the heading and up pops another page. I can't figure out how to do that without it being linked to another web site. I want to add a text like a word document. not another website. help me please!!!!!!!!!


Nancy said...

Oooh-h-h yes! I want a cow kettle. Now I really must go to your place for tea. Gotta know if it really moo's!

Carey said...

I like the cow kettle, I collect cow things so it would go nicely at my house.
Sorry I cant help you with adding pages. Good luck!