June 15, 2007

Flowers for me??? oh you shouldn't have !!

After being out all day helping his Dad on the farm, my hubby rolled up the driveway with these beauties. They are Iris'....Adam's faviorite flower. Who knew men have favorite flowers? Well mine does and he picked some and brought them home for his beautiful wife. thanks Babe.

I have always loved fresh flowers but they are just too expensive for something that does not last long on my dining room table. However, now that we live in the country I get to cut myself fresh flowers all year long. I'm not quite sure yet what all comes up here....but you can be sure next year I will be planting all kinds of nice smelly things.

I'm reminded of my beloved Anne of Green Gables books where they describe in detail all the wonderful flowers and how Anne's son picks them for her all the time. I still aspire to be her in case you are wondering. Not sure about the six kids part but you never know :)

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to stop and smell the .....Iris'


Cathy said...

Alyson, did Anne of Green Gables have six kids?

I think that is wonderful that your hubby thought of you, and brought you flowers! I receive flowers almost on a daily basis (well some are really gorgeous weeds, and some have no stems) but they all come from our garden and I always say thank you to my kids!

Cliff, well he doesn't bring me flowers anymore! (Just like that song...hmmm)

Carey said...

Your flowers are pretty. These bloomed in my yard for the first time this year. They really are pretty.

Colette said...

We love Iris'! They all have different smells! Love them. The baby is getting big. Glad to see country life is agreeing with the family!