June 14, 2007

A little Country Fresh Air Does em' good

What spending all day outside in the country does to kids :) I would go into details about what happened when I woke sleeping beauty from her nap on the chair for supper...but the outcome was too horrific. All I will say is that is was not pretty, and after 10minutes of screaming naked under the dining room table she went right back to sleep. Now that I think about it, almost everyday since we have been here BOTH girls have napped. What IS in the air?? Thank you Lord for it though. The girls are outside all day having a blast, are happy and really tired at the end of the day. That IS one of the main reasons we moved here after all. It is so nice to let our kids go and explore and not worry about them being kidnapped. After all...they do have a guard kitty looking after them :)


Cathy said...

We might not have "country air" out here, but our kids are outside every day almost all day just like we did as kids! They all sleep well here too!

I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Now you might understand why I wanted to move out to the farm after I retired.
No life like it.
Bought a new ATV you need to come and try out.

Brandon said...

I wish we had a backyard. That's exactly what our kids need. They spend too much time inside breaking the house and Daddy's nerves. Both could use a nap every day, but they're just not tired enough to do it without a fight.

Maybe one day I'll be able to afford the billion dollar homes in the Vancouver area with a yard larger than my kitchen.

Nancy said...

soo-o-o-o cute (sleeping kids)