June 17, 2007

All creatures great and small

Lesson number one for living in the country was:
Don't hang laundry on poop speading day.

Lesson number two is....

Make sure absolutely EVERYTHING in your cupboards is sealed nice and air tight!!!!

That is right....you heard me. We have ants....and alot of them. We found their path and kept squashing them on their way to wherever. Then this morning I opened the coffee/tea cupboard and voila!!!! a few dozen found the sugar. Soooo gross. However, I must admit that I am very happy they are just ants. Not ear wigs, or spiders, or something else. They are fast little fellas though, so the fly swatter is always at the ready.
The new sound in the house is SLAP SLAP SLAP!! as soon as anyone enters the kitchen.

Now I am all about God's creatures and the circle of life. I mean we all have our role to play and who am I to disturb that.
BUT..... I'm sorry to say that this rule does not apply in MY DOMAIN!! Sadly so it is survival of the fittest around here....or biggest if you want to look at it that way. Sorry ants but not in my kitchen!
We have set some traps and made sure all is sealed well. We even put dish soap at the threshold of the door. Any other suggestions by anyone?? really we will try almost anything short of unloading a can of Raid.

I knew moving to the country would involve more bugs. Mosquitoes,blackflies, and the occassional spider. I'm not liking the idea that these little fellas are making their way into the house. This is my sanctuary...my place to escape their ickyness. Oh well. Those that know me well I'm sure are laughing at me. They are well aware of my distaste for anything remotely creepy crawly. I am happy to report that God is helping me grow strength of character out here. I can now squish an ant and a relatively small spider with my bare toe and not even flinch. The larger more crustaceous ones earn a kleenex or the vaccuum.

I just have to keep repeating my new mantra....Bugs are God's creatures too...Bugs are God's creatures too..


Carey said...

Oh I know how you feel. Ill never forget when I opened a box of Life cereal and found it filled with ants! Gross! There is some sort of anytrap that is a blue liquid that you would put on paper in the cupboards..it works pretty well. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wipe all your window frames and door frames down with vinegar (or wherever they're walking). They follow the smell of the last guy and vinegar wipes out the smell.
Good luck...ew.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm trying again- my last comment didn't quite make it through...
If you wipe down everything with vinegar, it'll erase the smell of the guy in front of them. That's how they know where to go. So wipe down your window/door frames and wherever else you think they're coming in. Also, take a margarine container (empty)and put a big rock on the lid (big enough to hold the container open). Spread a mix of sugar and baking soda on the open lid. Then lay the container on top of the rock so there's just enough space to let the bugs sneak in. They will eat the mixture cuz sugar tastes good, but they will...uh...explode cuz the baking soda will make them. Sounds cruel but I say- RAVE ON.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I hope you find a solution to your ant problem! I must admit though, if I had to choose between ants and mice, I'd take the ants!

Have a good day!