June 18, 2007

Camping in our own backyard

This is the view I have from our deck in the mornings. Every morning I get up, and head outside onto the deck in my pyjamas and drink my tea. I love it. This particular morning the air was crispy. The kind of crispy when you are camping. You know the one...where you crawl out of your tent out of your warm sleeping bag and have to put on a fleece sweater. So....comfy. So nice because the heat of the day has not yet hit and so that warm tea hits the spot.
Adam is on paternity leave so after I feed peyton at 5am I get to go back to sleep and he gets up. By the time I wake up at 7am the girls are up and have had breakfast and the tea it ready for me. I know I'm spoiled ;)

So this is me in my pj's, along with the kids. I love the fact that there are no cartoons on and we are just hanging out figuring out what we are going to do with our day (after they chased the kitty of course)
I especially love the fact that I can be in my yard in my jammies and the only one that judges me are those cows across the street. (see previous entry)
I think Peyton is having a poop here....Tea time cut short. Oh well. I can't be lazy ALL day now can I ?
Is it wrong that I feel as though I'm on vacation here in the country?? I think it is because I have so much help from Adam and we are spending our days hanging out and enjoying the country air. I think also it is because all our programs have stopped for the summer and we don't really have a 'routine'.
O.K so maybe the past four weeks have been a little hectic with new house and baby and all and we have run ourselves ragged but still...I feel as though soon we are going to have to pack up and go home. But this is home...our home....Now how nice is that :)


Nancy said...

Beautiful view of fields and trees out back. Love the pics of you and kids on your deck. So nice to read your blog and see your pics.

Carey said...

The view from your porch is beautiful. I would love to have that as my view. I hope you enjoy the country, it sure can make you feel better.

Cathy said...

Wow, that is a wonderful way to start the morning! With your hubby, and kids on the deck with a view that is endless!

Enjoy, and have fun. I am on the countdown to the end of school. This is the last week of preschool, and then next week is our last week of school. I am looking forward to sleeping in (a bit) and then NOTHING to do for about eight weeks! Yay!

Val said...

I can't believe how serene it all looks in photos! I know it's crazier in real life, but honestly you guys look so relaxed and peaceful. I can't believe the photo of Erin in the sun dress on the swing...what a little girl!! When did she grow up?! Looking forward to Saturday night...I think that Sara is going to come with Jer and I as her hubby has other plans. I assume we should bring chairs? I'll call today to find out about sushi night...

Allyson said...

Not spoiled - loved, very loved!