April 21, 2007

Spreading Cheer

What is it with a pregnant woman? Better yet. What is it with a woman who is so pregnant that she is waddling around the store holding her belly up while stopping to take deep breaths and trying not to pee on herself?? Hmmmm

I don't know what it is but I'm noticing that wherever I go these days I just seem to make people smile. Why are people to drawn to an obviously pregnant woman?? People strike up conversations with me, smile to themselves and whisper to the person next to them. I've even had a few store clerks ask to rub my belly, and neighbors stop me on the street with a look of awe and wonder.

I have to admit that I really don't mind. I'm quite o.k with spreading joy to those around me. I like the idea that I can put a little sunshine in their day even for just a brief moment.
Although I am looking forward to losing the weight before the heat of the summer, and bending over to do well...anything, I will be sad that soon this will be over.

I am not looking forward to the emptyness that comes with the attention no longer being on me. At that point the smiles and admiration turn to well lets be honest....pity. Pity at the dark circles under my eyes and the shape of my body. The FAKE ohhh you look....great comments. That I don't look forward to. I know it is selfish and conceited, but it is the truth so I'm putting it out there.

So do a new mom a favor the next time you see her......Focus on her and tell her just how fabulous she looks and that you are shocked she just had a baby. Do it with a glow in your face and a big smile. I guarantee you will make HER day. After all....I think that is the least we deserve for growing a human in our belly's and speading cheer to the world...Don't you think??

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