April 20, 2007

Husbands love your wives

Milestones this week....

Erin decided that she was giving all her diapers to Peyton. So for a week now we have been fully potty trained!! yay for her!! We have not even had any accidents at nap or bedtime! So along with this new independence has also come a habit of standing there fists curled screaming for what she wants....see yesterdays entry.
That's o.k. That can be solved with a little ummm.....training.

Lara lost another tooth (she is not even five) and is growing an adult one underneath...and I really do think she grows another inch every day. Since when did I give her permission to keep growing?? hmmmm

I am as big as I can possibly get and am finaly ready to have this baby. I think with 10 days to go I have pretty much reached my limit of physical abilities.
My husband has been just great helping me out. I have to admit that I feel terrible that I can't do everything. I appreciate the help but feel inadequate as a wife when I can't get all the chores done.
I mean... it is my God given role to be the manager of this house and I like my role. I take pride in doing a good job and still being able to have time for myself and my hubby at the end of the day. I like to believer that it is my managerial skills that help this home be a smooth running machine and right now I'm a little off kilter. I know it won't last and very very soon I'll be able to bend over to pick up laundry without throwing up, but it is frustrating to say the least. I'm so grateful for Adam's wonderful attitude about it all. He has really gone out of his way to make me feel appreciated and has not asked for a word of thanks for picking up my slack. That is definitely a mark of how good a man he is :)

As you know we have been focusing on living God's way and trying to make sure we remember what God has to say about things. I was reading a book related to our roles as husbands and wives and just loved one part.....
It was intructions for the husband. How to love and nurture his wife. How to make her feel appreciated and adored so that we don't mind giving of ourselves so much.
It was talking about giving your wife rest when she needs it. I will quote the passage.....

"..Treat your wife as a delicate flower, and she will have the energy to be a more giving mother...If you experienced a major operation every two years, having a twenty-pound tumor removed, and you had to lend your body to a dairy farmer, you would need more rest also. Allow your wife to sleep a little longer than you do..."

Some people may find that sexist....but let's be real here. We DO sacrifice alot as mothers and women and I have absolutely no problem allowing Adam to appreciate me and spoil me a little. Yet again I remind you readers.....my happiness is his happiness :)

I'm really liking this what does God say about things :)

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