April 11, 2007

Our resident ghost

There seems to be a ghost in our house. That's right....a ghost. It is a quiet ghost. Most of the time my husband does not even notice it is around. No weird noises or cubboards opening or closing. No furniture moved or kids screaming. This is a sneaky ghost....and a hungry one at that. It has a hankering for yummy fatty food. Lately it has consumed all baked goods, ice cream, chips and cream cheese it can get its hands on. I'm not sure how it does it. It must sneak around or be lightening fast because I don't ever notice!!! My goodness!! How is it that I can be sitting here at the computer desk in the kitchen and voila! another rice krispy square disapears in front of my eyes!! Voila! There goes all the chips too! At least it is a clean ghost.....Cleaning up all empty bags and wiping up crumbs.
Thank you nice ghost.

Poor Adam...I'll have to explain it to him yet again tonight when he comes home hankering for a rice crispy square. Sorry hunny....It was that silly ghost again.

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