April 10, 2007

Dazed and Confused

In our Master Bedroom we have a HUGE walk in closet. In this dream of a walk in there is PLENTY of space for my clothes, Adam's clothes and a lot of miscellaneous stuff that we can't find other places for. There is a place for everything.

Other than a place for ALL our clean clothes and mish mash of stuff there is also two huge laundry baskets for anything dirty.
There is even a spot for clean clothes in transition from the laundry to their rightful place on the shelf. This would be the pile seen here. This pile is also good for clothes that have been worn but are not smelly or dirty enough to go into the laundry basket but don't have enough energy to be hung back up or jump into their proper shelf.

These are the confused pair of jogging pants that get overwhelmed day after day with all the choices. Perhaps they are not dirty enough for the hamper but just don't have enough energy left to pull themselves onto that blue bin with the rest of its friends. Poor Jogs....so tired and lonely....or just confused. Maybe the rest of the clothes should explain to them how things work around here.

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