April 12, 2007

Laying down the law

Kids are interesting. Puzzling in fact.

The last two weeks have been a bit of a challenge with Lara. She has been testing me more, forgotten most of her table manners, talking back, and generally has not been listening to me until I am forced to raise my voice.

Now this is nothing out of the ordinary of course. I mean, one thing that I have learned about raising kids is that they take three steps forward and one step back. They grow, mature and learn, and just when you think they have outgrown some bad behavior they test it out just one more time.
That is where experience comes into play. Since I know to expect these things I have a lot more patience when it happens and just remind her of the rules and stay consistant. I've stopped taking it personaly thinking they have not really learned their lesson and that I'm a bad parent. Nope. It is not about me because with a swift reminder they fall back into the right place.

Lately however Adam and I have become frustrated with Lara's lack of shall we say....HEARING!!! I mean seriously...I've actually had to ask her if she is def ! That was out of frustration on my part of course.

Part of us thought it may have been all the excitement over seeing her uncle B and cousin, than all three sets of grandparents over the holidays. She has also had a tiny bit of a cold so maybe she was not feeling well. I mean, that is alot of visiting for a little four year old coupled with a lot of attention and coddling from those that love her.

The beginning of this week we had had enough!!!! That was it! I was going to get tougher. Pull out the Rod (figuratively), and lay down the law of this household.
Tuesday we also decided to take her to the doctor as her green runny nose did not seem to be clearing up ( she was not complaining about it though).

Lo and Behold!!!! She really is def!!!!! She has Double ear infections and can't hear a darn thing!!!

It all makes sense!! So much for mommy instinct and experience :)

Phew!!! no need to get out the Rod....Just a need to SPEAK LOUDER!! until this thing clears up :) Don't get me wrong....If I know that she knows that I know she can hear me (got that?) and still does not obey there will be consequences. After all....she is still only four and still tests me and just because she is sick does not mean she will get away with anything. Hear that Lara? Oh wait...of course you don't.


The Kerr Family said...

Alyson, I look forward to reading your blog every day b/c I feel I learn more about you with each post. Poor Lara! I agree totally w/ you about the 3 steps forward and 1 step back. Some phases last longer than others but I find if we're consistent in our expectations and punishment (we're going through a hitting & throwing phase) then "This, too, shall pass".

Anonymous said...

wow that's crazy! who knew...

Cathy said...

Oh, I am so glad you have the "problem" figured out for now! We have that same "problem" with our 4 year old. And sometimes with our 6 year old!! Yes, patience and persistence! Don't give up lol.