April 02, 2007

A mommy moment :)

My hubby was vaccuuming the living room and pulled out the couch. To our surprise there was something on the floor!! Was it a toy? a doll? an animal? Hmmmmm we got closer to look. We approached with caution and trepidation.

As I got closer I started to giggle at a familiar sight. Stop laughing mom :)It appears as though a certain little girl decided to cut her hair and hide it from us. Apparantly she realized that it was not a good idea since now her bangs fall over her face. I just gave her the mom hand on the hip and eyeball roll and asked her if cutting her hair was a good idea. No need to yell...for she must bear the punishment of having ugly bangs. I did however scorn her with my beady mommy eyes and told her it was not good that she tried to hide it from us. Tee Hee

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