March 31, 2007


I don't want my babies to grow up. I want to hold on to these years where I am their world. I feel as though time is going by too fast. I need more time with them. Time to hold them, kiss them and protect them. Time to nourish their little minds and influence their morals and heart. Time to answer their questions and give them advice. Time to be their world.

I want time to stop for a while so I can take a breath without them slipping from my arms. I want to rewind the clock so I can correct the mistakes I've made with them and tell them the things I should have said after the fact. I don't want time to go on. I'm not ready yet.

I want to give them the time to be kids. I want to allow them to play forever and stay in their wonderful fairy world of imagination. I want them to believe for just a while longer that the world is good and everything can be healed with a kiss.

I want their laughter and innocence to echo in my hallways and in my heart.

I want to be the first person they run to when they jump out of bed and the last person they hug tight at night. I want to shoo away the monsters in the closet and tuck them in tight under the covers. Forever.

What a joy and a priviledge it is to be lucky enough to be the center of their world everyday. To be the one they come to and ask questions and learn from. Little do they know how much I learn about how to be a good human being from them.

I never dreamt of this life for myself. Today however I recognize it as the best thing that ever happened to my soul.

Thank you.

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Cathy said...


It is me Cathy! I love your house. Good for you for following your hearts desire. Looks lovely.

I couldn't agree more with your posting.

Makes me tear up!