April 03, 2007

Creative Kids

When we were at the park recently I went into the bushes to find out what Lara was up to. She said she was at the 'campfire' and was roasting marshmellows....hmmmm.
She had made mud marshmellows and was having a great time. I'm just glad that it was not poo :)
When my brother B was here visiting Lara really wanted to throw him a party for his birthday. So she found ALL the decorations and put them up, made us all wear party hats and run under the streamers. Adam and I were a little concerned when she brought his present to the table. hmmmm we didn't get him a present. She generously wrapped up Adam's football to give to him, and all by herself. The funny part is that she was serious. She really wanted to give him something that was not used anymore as a gift, and so no reason why he could not take it home with him. Nice to know we are raising a generous child :)

My children continue to amaze me everyday with their innocence and creativity. They are a reminder to just have some fun and enjoy life. I'm glad that we have created a home where they feel free to explore and express themselves. Of course I think I've become a little too liberal with the use of scissors as you can tell by my previous entry. Oh well. At least they have not yet created any permanent damage to any person or furniture.....yet.

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