April 19, 2007

Dramatic events

Slept in this morning. Yes again. I have to say my husband has been great in that department. Of course see previous entry of my good sleep is also husbands happiness. After all I AM growing a human in my belly you know :)

Anyhoo I came down to find no husband in the house and the kids were sitting there watching cartoons. I asked them where Daddy was and I was told that he went to the store. o.k. fine. I figured he was getting some eggs since we were out and probably had a hankering for well...eggs.

I innocently asked them out of concern for their well being if they had breakfast yet and they informed me that daddy was making pancakes.

Now please understand that this has become a special treat for when daddy is home. He has been home alot though and so I'm thinking perhaps we need to scale back a little on the 'treat'. I also knew the store was not open yet and we were also out of syrup and various other things necessary to make pancakes....

So out of sheer motherly love I let them know that they were not having pancakes and asked them what else they would want......WELL

From around the corner sprinted a little 2 year old. I did not recognize her with the red eyes and horns poking out of her head.....and she exploded in a voice so angry....so shrilling that I can only describe it as demonic possession.......

Who was this little person? I had no idea that pancakes could have such an effect on a sweet little girl.
Of course laughing at her would not be appropriate....so of course I just let her know that yelling at mommy was completely unacceptable.

She calmed down....whew!! Crisis was over. Of course she did not stop crying from her broken heart until Daddy came back home with a tiny bottle of syrup that he paid too much for at the convienience store. (stores not open yet) When I told him we were also out of eggs he just sighed....Pancakes another day.

Oh the drama. What excitement. I know... you are so glad you took the time to read this entry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning! Isn't it amazing how two year olds can change from sweet, angelic children to someone you don't recognize in a matter of seconds?

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you two are talking about! My 2 year old is always sweet and obedient! Bwha hahaha.
I'm with Alana, it gave me a good laugh this morning!