April 24, 2007

Good morning beautiful.

Ever wake up in the morning feeling well rested,energetic, and well just simply fantastic? You know the mornings. The ones where every hair is in place, your skin feels flawless and your breath actually smells like you just brushed an hour ago? You slowly wake up, bat your eyes and cuddle in next to the man of your dreams. He is just waking up as well and cuddles in close brushing your long beautiful locks of hair across the pillow. He meets your eyes with a good morning beautiful and is marvelled at your timeless beauty. He instantly thinks of the young woman he fell in love with, and realizes that you just get more striking as the years move on.....

Today was not one of those mornings :)

It was more of a how DID you manage to get that rats nest of hair out of my face and into a pony tail? and seriously hunny....stop breathing on me. really....please stop.

At least I still got a.... I love you with a huge grin on his face.

I'm glad you still love me too babe :)

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