April 09, 2007

A good Man

This is our bed. Notice the pillows strategically placed. I sleep on the right hand side right in the middle between the yellow and blue cushions. That is what 37 weeks of pregnancy looks like :) These pillows are a very important part of my comfort, good sleep and happiness. Notice the small area on the left hand side of the bed. That is where my 220 pound six foot husband sleeps. Really he does not mind....because at this point my happy sleep is his happy morning :)
That lump under the covers would be me. All tucked away cozy in amongst all those pillows. Adam didn't even mind that my my leg was completely over onto his side... I mean corner of the bed. Like I said....my comfort is his comfort. Such a good and wise man :)

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Scrapping Servant said...

I can't help but smile at this post... I remember how that is.