April 08, 2007


On this day Jesus defeated death by raising from the dead and walking out of his tomb. He did so to proove once and for all that He....Jesus Christ of Nazareth was indeed the son of God. He was sacrificed to save us from our sins and take our punishment so we could be in right standing with our Holy God. He was the Messiah...there were hundreds of witness' and it is the truth.

The deciples and followers did not steal his body....It would have made their faith worthless

The pharisees and Jewish leaders did not steal his body....they would want him to stay dead as they believed he was just a crazy man.

The Roman Soldier did not do it....His life was at stake for guarding the tomb

Mary and the other woman went to the right tomb....they would have been there when he was placed in it. It was also in a very distinctive location.

So....Do you chose to believe? If you are skeptical look into it. Research it. The answers are there.

Six years ago today I accepted Christ into my heart and today I celebrate with my family and friends. Happy Easter everyone.

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