April 04, 2007


These are the things that I like about being pregnant.....and will miss once it is over :(

* I can eat an entire bag of anything I want in the grocery store and show up with the empty bag at the cash...and not feel like a pig. Hey I was hungry!!

* I can eat cereal at 3am with half and half cream in it. I was hungry!

* I can eat four pogos dipped in mayo... O.K that is gross but I was hungry!!

* I can make whatever I want for supper and it is not weird....My wonderful family look at each other and wonder if they really have to eat it, but they do because they love me :)

* I can beg my husband to go to the store for Chips because I neeeeeeeed some!! He does it so he does not hear me whine and complain that I waaaaaaant chips all night. Little does he know that I just don't want to get my lazy butt off the couch....hey I'm growing a human in my belly you know!!!

Hmmmmmm I'm noticing a food theme here. There are more benefits I promise. Let's see......

* Right after supper I can say 'o.k I'll be in the tub for the next hour so the kids are yours, because my back is going to break'.....And looky looky the kids are put to bed and the dishes are done. Ahhhhhhhhh that one is nice.

* Honey can you pleeeeaaase rub my back? yes again. I'm growing a human in my belly you know. Yes I am going to use that excuse for everything.

* No more vacuuming of our three story all carpeted home. You don't want me to go into early labor or strain a stomach or back muscle do you???

* I really do have a headache...... :)

* I can open up all the windows in the house in the winter and make everyone else wear sweaters :)

* I get to have really crazy dreams every night. No I'm not telling you what they are about. Ladies I know you know what I'm talking about.

* I get to feel a little human moving around in my belly all day and night. I complain sometimes but it is really so wonderful to know that he is really in there. It is our little secret when I'm sitting in church and he is playing games with me :)

* I get to have all the emotional outburts I want at completely inapropriate times and blame it on the pregnancy. O.K the outburts are not always so good but the excuse is great.

* My bum shrinks the larger my belly gets. It's a wonder why my pants keep getting tighter though with my small butt.....hmm a mystery. I bet I'll figure that one out as soon as the baby is born !!

* The smiles and conversations that are started when perfect strangers see my huge belly in tow with two other little people.... Some people admire my strength....most think we are crazy to have our kids out number us.

* Naps, and going to bed at 8pm is perfectly acceptable.

*And my favorite thing I will miss when the baby is born..... PREGNANT LADY PARKING SPOT !!!!

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Cathy said...

Those are some wonderful perks! Who would have thought I would get to enjoy them again!!