March 27, 2007

What I do all day.

O.K so I promised a day in the life of I picked today as it was a typical staying at home day. No groceries, Chiropractor, or other function to attend. So here you go.....

7am Girls woke up 15 minutes ago but I pretended to stay asleep untill now. I roll out of bed, get my tea going, turn on the cartoons, get the girls breakfast going. I sit down to check my e-mail (It is in my kitchen) when my tea is ready, and get up every few minutes to get the princess' whatever they desire. For breakfast I have the remains of their cereal,banana and pear. why waste it??

7:30am Kiss hubby off to work, Breakfast is finished, and Lara is drawing on a cardboard box from the grocery store

8am Erin is hungry again, so we split a bagel and cream cheese, I clean up the breakfast dishes, take her to the potty, and prepare Lara's school for the day.

820am Lara gets dressed into her dance suit, teeth brushed while.Erin is still eating her bagel. I run upstairs to find a lost pair of ballet tights. mom to the rescue.

830am I fix Lara's hair into a bun while explaining her schoolwork for the morning (numbers and letters). I try to fix Erin's hair and manage to get it into somewhat of a pony tail.

850am Lara sits at the table doing school while Erin and I head upstairs to get dressed, make beds ect....

905 I'm showered and Erin is in the living room playing. I am sans makeup and my hair is in a pony tail as my hubby is not here (so who would I be impressing?) I am however looking cute in my maternity wear. ( I did put on some sexy panties, but we will keep that to ourselves)....I check Lara's progress. I help Lara with the number 6.

920 They have free time to play while I make phone calls and check what I need to do for the day ect...
930 They play while I sharpen lara's pencils, get snack and water ready to go, soothe tears from a plastic horse carriage that was chucked at Lara's face, oh, and I put a load of laundry in the dryer.

945 Bathroom trip, and off to dance class. In the car we perfect our singing skills and listen to some awesome classical music. Lara learned why it is not nice to rub a tree branch in her sisters face....don't ask.

10-1030 Lara does dance while I lift Erin up to the window to watch. Not an easy task if I do say so myself at 35 weeks pregos.

1045 Stop by the second hand store on the way home to buy some rubber boots. Luckily there was ONE pair of pink ones in Lara's size. She stopped pleading with me not to get her the black ones as soon as she saw these beauties. Score one for mom

11am home. Folded laundry, filled out insurance forms, walked to the mailbox with the kids in the new rainboots of course. Re-folded the sheets thrown down the stairs to give gordon the wooden bunny a home....I don't know about that one either.

1130am played candyland with the girls while waiting for our friend to show up. Ate peanuts.

1150am Girls play by themselves while I start lunch. no show on my friend. hrmph.
12pm lunch. yummy yummy. of course I ate their leftovers. why do I bother making my own sandwich too?? now my belly is too full.

1220pm clean up dishes, kitchen, garbage out.....what is that smell??

1230pm story time. oh, potty time too. Slight toilet paper crisis. Mom to the rescue again.

1pm naptime for Erin. Lara rests in our bed with some books. I get to go down and turn on young and the restless.

105pm MY FRIEND ARRIVES NOW!!!!!! no Young and the Restless for me :(

110pm change Erin's poopy bum ( why won't she go in the potty!!!) Lara comes down as she hears my friends 1 yr old.

120pm change Erin's pee diaper (why can't she pee and poop at the same time??)..hear her open the door to her room 5 times and finally give up. Too much commotion going on and does not want to miss it :(

2pm No nap or rest for anyone. Erin and Lara now playing with baby Ella. Tat feels sorry for me so she makes my muffins with Lara for tomorrows ladies coffee hour. I take the time to send some e-mails and finish a letter for the pioneer clubs easter party next week. Lara draws and takes random pictures around the house with my camera. Erin doing really well at playing with Ella.

245 Muffins done, my pioneer clubs stuff done. My friend Tat leaves. We get ready to go outside.

3pm Go for a walk and get the mail. Tax refund check here !! yay for us!! We go around the block and I hear mom look !! for about half an hour as I repeatedly say to Erin....yes hunny nice stick. It is gorgeous out and all the neighbors are outside. We play chalk, talk , ride bikes ect. I eventually sit on a chair as I'm now in pain from no resting.

4pm Inside. Scraped muffins out of the pan and wrapped them up. I put on a show for the kids as they are at this point pretty tired and going to kill each other. I start supper in peace..minus two meltdowns from Erin. But who is counting.

5pm Supper is ready, dishes are mostly done. Waiting for hubby. I get to sit and read the paper. Wow my back and feet now hurt. Lara and Erin started playing a board game all by themselves. So nice whene they get along nicely :)

515pm hubby home. Biked home....all sweaty so goes to shower. The kids WERE quiet. They are now jumping on the couch because daddy came home. What is up with that ????Do I really have to get up now and set the table??

530pm Supper time. Erin refused to try it as usual. Don't care.

550pm Sent Lara outside to swing by herself to release some energy so she would stop running in circles around Erin and bugging her, while Adam does the dishes and I remain at the table staring off into space. Erin throws a fit because she wanted to go to. I was not about to stand outside pushing her on the swing so I suggested we go take a bath together. nope was not having that at all!! So....Lara came in and we all went upstairs to get ready for bed.

6pm p.j's, teeth brushed, and lots of stories tonight. The best thing when they are this tired is just to read to them.

645pm Yes all that took 45 mins. Now we do prayers and stories ( we all tell each other a story from our imaginations).

7pm....I am outa there !! downstairs to do some final picking up of toys, administration, and to do's for tomorrow.

720pm I start to type out this entry.....tomorrow morning won't work as we have chiropractor, and I head to ladies coffee hour.

730pm I go upstairs and threaten the girls to stop talking (same room ). Normally I allow them 10 minutes of giggle time but tonight is a little ridiculous. It is amazing what missing a nap will do, and alot of fresh air play time. I think I kept hearing something about stinky butts.

8pm I am just writting this sentence...the girls are snoring away and my back really really really hurts. I am going to sign off this thing, plop myself on the couch and go to bed at 9pm

When I am not tired in the evenings I have my books to read, go to chapters, shop, talk on the phone. when I'm not pregnant this is when I would head out the door for a nice long run. Oh I can't wait for that. That is my time. Adam is home thursday and friday morning so I am going to take the morning off to shop at a new store and meet my friend downtown for tea. so yes, I do get some time to myself, and no Erin usually does not miss a nap.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll get to watch my Young and the Restless and rest in the afternoon.

Everyday is different around here. Hope you enjoyed my long winded tale of what happened today.

So for my friend who asked. THAT IS WHAT I DO ALL DAY :)

sweet dreams

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