March 27, 2007

Back to Normalcy

I'm finally recovered from the wedding. Wow that took alot out of me. I'm blaming the pregnancy though and not old age that it took me almost 24hrs to get back to normal. Yes I will use any excuse I can. I even slept well last night, and am less cranky today. Yay for everybody!! I dreamt about fixing up the new house again last night, so of course I'm in a great mood today. Nothing like some shopping to brighten a gals spirits. So what if it was only in a dream? That's almost better since I did not have to spend any money :)

I've had a friend ask me in a very serious tone....''so what do you DO all day at home??" She was serious. She just cannot contemplate finding enough to do all day without sitting around watching soaps. Oh of course there is mommy's 'quiet' time. That is my Young and the Restless power hour when the girls are napping. That is also my lunch break, and franctly my reward for being the domestic diva that I am...y'a right :)

Seriously though, I've decided that I will post a ( Day in the life of us) just for her. I'll do it soon I promise. I just have to pick a 'typical' day, which for us changes all the time. I guess that is the beauty of staying at home and homeschooling. We get to go with the flow of the day and actually enjoy ourselves.....most of the time :) yesterday for example I was floating weightless in a hot tub and two naked giggly butts jumped in with me and thought it was hillarious that my belly was a 'mountain' for their bath toys to jump off of. Thanks for that girls. Was that a homeschooling lesson in gravity?? he he

Those are the moments my days are filled with, and although sometimes I get tired of it all, I stay home to be able to capture that. To be the one they come to and laugh AT :) Of course I'm here to be the one to teach them things, nurture them and run our house as well.

So what is Adam's job you say? well he is the head of our house....both spiritually and physically. He provides strength, protection and of course the income so we can live. He also provides the ever present stability, humor, and love that we require...along with whatever needs fixed around here.

Me Tarzan, You Jane mentality you say?? Sure if you want to look at it that way. I like being taken care of and my needs met by a strong handsome husband. I like being given the run of the house, and being the main nurturer of my kids,hubby, and home. The difference is I COULD chop wood and swing from the trees if I wanted to, and believe me, my man would not object if I did.....I am just happy taking on a different role. We both have our places in our house and it works for us.

So that is it in a nutshell WHY I choose to stay home. I promise I'll post a day in a life of us soon so my friend can have a better idea of How.

Till then, It is 8am and I need to get us all dressed, and ready for dance class. After I do the morning dishes and get Lara started on her letters this morning.

In His Grip,

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