March 20, 2007


Hello Tuesday morning. I'm sitting here with my tea. hmmm I'm noticing a trend. Get up, drink tea, check my e-mail. When my computer is down I kind of wander around aimlesslessly not sure what to do with myself. I'm such a creature of habit.

Today is already a better day than yesterday. The Lord sent me some sunshine. Always a good day when the sun is shinning. I also slept through the night minus a five am pee. Makes such a difference when I'm well rested.

Today Lara has Ballet and we will tackle writting out all her numbers and letters. She is doing so well and really likes it. Oh, and my mama is coming up to visit for the morning. Always nice to see her on the floor playing Candyland with the girls. We always played board games as a family when I was little so I love to watch my little ones play with her.

My babysitter keeps asking me how far the bus stop is from our house so she can get to school next year. ( she is planning on moving to the new house with us and going to college). I keep telling her Emma there is NO BUS STOP ANYWHERE!! Her last response was that she would walk to the bus stop and get some excersice :) Poor thing. That would be about an hour walk. tee hee poor thing. Unless her parents allow her to have a car it looks like she won't be living with us after all. That would make me sad. We are looking forward to her staying with us. Oh well. I suppose what is to be will be.

Have a good one,

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