March 19, 2007

Hello Monday morning. Just sitting here with my cup of coffee in my pink housecoat listening to my kids giggle upstairs. I think I'll find out in about 2 minutes if it was a good idea to have sent them upstairs by themselves to get dressed. Hmmm.. I wonder if it is matching day or not. That is always a treat.

Slept in this morning (Adam got up with the girls) as Erin decided to get up all night long. I brought her in to bed with us this morning at 6am and she just stroked my hair and rubbed my back for about an hour. Thanks hunny but I would have rather you fell back asleep :)

Back to a regular week. Of course my day is a little thrown off today as it is almost 10am and yes I'm still not dressed. Oh well. Do you think the Chiropractor would think me weird to show up in my housecoat?

The goal for today is to get lara to do a little school work and take a nice long walk. So what if that does not happen until the evening right??? right :)

I'm 34 weeks today. 6 weeks to go!!!!!!! I'm excited but getting scared that I will actually have to deliver the baby. Not looking forward to it but I'm not in a complete panic yet.


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