March 12, 2007

Mythical Heroines

I was reading my Anne of Green Gables series and came to a realization. This woman was a ''stay at home mom'' , had six kids, cooked and cleaned from scratch and kept her house in good running order.She also sewed all the clothes by hand, attended ladies guild meetings and church functions.

As much as I want to really BE her and be able to live that kind of life....HELLO!!!! Nobody back then did all that stuff alone!! Even my dear Anne did not do it alone! She had susan, her trusted live in nanny/housemaid.

There was no such thing as the SUPER MOM who did it all.

THEY ALL HAD HIRED HELP !!!! Even if it was a small orphan girl who did chores around the house. Yes things were simpler, cleaner, quieter ect. But Anne would have been a disaster if she had to do all the child rearing, baking and cooking (from scratch), hand do the laundry, clean, organize, purchase, mend, sew, ect ect ect. Back then you either had a relative, or older lady, or hired help living with you. That was just the way it was, and it did not cost a fortune.

I wonder if my babysitter who will be living with us next year while she attends school realizes that I kind of look at her that way :) Just kidding Emma, although having you around will certainly be a bit of a help when my hubby is gone away for his training.

O.K so I already knew that there is no such thing as doing it all... but I feel better today as my energy levels are going further and further into the toilet. I feel better knowing that I just can't accomplish every thing I want to and franctly the packing will have to wait untill next week. I feel just awful that I can't clean my house, cook, take care of the two kids and start to pack without going to bed at 7pm. I DO feel better knowing that even my heroine Anne did not do it all either.

God Bless Hired Help :)

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