March 11, 2007

Great purchases

Adam is back to work. Boo hoo. Hopefully his weeks will begin to slow down now though. No more 60 hour weeks!!! I can handle the kids but I am becoming EXTREMILY tired. I don't remember ever being this drained in my life. I am going to have the midwife check my iron levels again. If they have dropped even after being on medication I'm not sure what we will have to do.

Just take it easy and rest you say? Ha!!!

I can't do that. The only way to do that is to lay in bed all day reading (which is my night time ritual now), and Adam would have to take leave to take care of the girls. Hopefully it won't come to that and my energy returns.

I did manage to get out Saturday morning and pick up a few things for the Tea Room, and my mom's wedding present. I had my handy dandy super shopper friend Suzin with me who is very very good at decorating and coordinating. Where I get overwhelmed, she can see how pieces fit together. She stopped me from buying the wrong tables and directed me to something much better. Thanks Suzin!!

Other than feeling like I tore all my stomach muscles walking around Home Sense I managed not to fall asleep standing up. so all was good, and not too much money was spent.
I'm happy with my purchases.

I also purchased a little kitchen set and some silk from The Toy Garden on-line. I had it shipped to my Dad in Texas so we did not pay any taxes or shipping and managed to get a sweet deal. I am going to send some unused toys and maternity wear to the consignment store this week to offset the cost of the kitchen set. I know the kids will love it and it goes so much more in line with our new home and ideals.
I created a gift registry with the Store. Not that I'm asking for presents but I figured it would give my family a better idea of the stuff I would like for the kids. It is pretty self explanatory so check it out!!! The canadian version of that store is called Acorns journey. I added the link to that store as well.

Off to church.....

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