March 13, 2007

A Bad Day for Mommy

So reading a lot of mom blogs I noticed a trend yesterday. As much as I recognize we are all humans and have bad days nobody seemed to be blogging about it. So today is my day.....I'm having a bad day. At least yesterday was a bad day since I just woke up and am feeling a little more hopeful.

Yesterday I was so incredibly tired and sore from doing nothing that I began to get frustrated. I am soooo tired and don't have the energy or care to get on the floor and do well.... doanything with the kids.
Thank God they were in great moods. They played a lot by themselves yesterday and were in good spirits, but would I have given anything to not have to get them juice or to them and put them to bed? Yes. Yesterday was one of those days when I wish my life was my own. I wished that I did not have to take care of three other people all day long and try to do a good job at it. I just hope I did not say anything or do anything too detrimental to their little souls. I love them, but just wanted to wallow in self pity yesterday.

So yes...even us proud to be stay at home homeschooling moms have bad days. Yes every once in a while we want to escape to a nicer place. A place all to ourselves.

I think I do feel better today as I write this. My mood is better but my energy levels not so good. I will try to get out with the kids for a good walk in the melting snow at least. I think the fresh air will do me good. Of course that is after I get them breakfast,dressed,do the chores ect.ect ect.....hrmph.

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