March 13, 2007

A much better day

Ahh yes today was a much better day than yesterday. Today was creativity day. We painted, baked an apple pie, read lots of good stories and played. It was alot of fun.
It was also alot of clean up for me so I was on my feet alot but worth just having fun. We even managed to take a nice stroll outside for an hour in their new spring jackets and jump in more puddles.
I did not rest too much and yes my feet are swollen, but that is nothing a nice bath tonight won't solve.
We are waiting for supper to be ready, then it will be Veggie tales, stories and bedtime. The girls did not nap and the fresh air should help them fall asleep well tonight.
I asked Lara to clean up the living room. As I walked in I saw what a great job she did and thought wow what a good helper!!! Then I noticed some cushions missing on the couch. Hmmmm where did they go I wonder??? the mystery was solved once I reached her room and found a ''kitty fort'' . Erin was the kitty and Lara was putting her to bed. :)

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