November 15, 2012

The Buzz around here ;)

My Bee hives and all the necessary equipment arrived yesterday. I am trying to buy one thing at a time, so our budget can handle all the stuff we need to have bees and a cow.  I'm ready. Just waiting for May to arrive so we can welcome our bees and cow.   By then I'm hoping to have mastered the art of yogurt and cheese making, and learned all I need to know about honey.

It is a huge learning curve but I'm loving it.  The kids are pretty excited as well.

We are busy homeschooling these days, and this year it is going very well. I'm glad we decided to pull them out of school. 

Adam and I are POSITIVE we are on the path God needs us to be. We are also POSITIVE we will be farming FULL TIME in the VERY near future. THAT will be an adventure, and one we are looking forward to.

Till then, we will carry on as usual, learning as we go.

If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm not really on the computer anymore. I'm tired of facebook and the computer. I check my mail, and send a few things out but that is it.  I'm liking being a little more 'present' in our home.  We are enjoying a slower pace in life, and I'm liking that I have oodles of time with the kids now.  I was surprised how much the Internet was taking over my life.  So if you don't hear from me, I'm here. Just doing something else.

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Uncle B said...

Good for you. I know Facebook took a ridiculous amount of my time before I deleted it. I do like to check your blog every few days to see what you guys are up to!