November 18, 2012

Farm Mini Trucks

The trucks have arrived! After months of waiting, our 3 Japanese Mini trucks have arrived on the farm. Well...They are at our mechanic getting a once over, but whatever...they are here!!

Adam picked them up yesterday, but of course we all had to pile over to see them, camera in hand.
The trucks are smaller than our mini van, and driving on the right hand side takes some getting used to.

When you compare the truck to my husband it becomes quite clear how tiny they

They are a road worthy version of a 4x4.  We will use them to head into town, make deliveries, drive to the market, and take into the fields to check on our bees.

We still have some paper work to fill out, and to get them tuned up. We are also going to put our farm decal on them, and make them a rolling advertisement for our farm. 

We are like kids in a candy store these days. Spring can't come soon enough for us.


dad said...

Cute little things. They would be fun to drive.

LaughingLady said...

There are a few of those babies around our neck of the woods too ~ make me smile every time I see them! It's so cool to watch you guys working so steadily towards your goal. Keep it up!!