October 16, 2012

Why We homeschool Part Z

I love homeschooling for a bunch of reasons, but today for the simple fact that we can tailor our child's education to suit them.

You see... Our son is in Senior Kindergarten this year, and I'm got about 30 minutes a day to hold his attention with letters. He can only take so much tracing and book work before I lose him for the day.

It's a good thing I have been blessed with a million hand me downs from my teacher friends, and other homeschooling moms. It REALLY helps to have a little fun.  I mean really...who cares HOW he learns to read, as long as he learns right? 

So when today's letter activity involved making a cookie recipe and making letters out of the door I was all for it!  The activity had me at cookie dough.

All was going well and 'normal' until my son said our dough looked like poo. In fact he called it 'Poo Doh' ....Get it? lol (so funny)

He was so right. The above picture is my son showing me the 'poo'. I was trying so hard not to laugh. After all..that was serious schooling business we were doing! 
It was down hill from there. Seriously....It looked like a big turd! I'm laughing just writing about it.  My husband walked in from the farm at this point and just shook his head. Whatever.I can deal with it. So what if my son is learning to write with poo letters. We think it is funny...which is probably why we home school.

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Jacs said...

LOL! I love it!! It'll probably be a memorable moment for him too. Way to go, Teach!