August 19, 2012

48 hr Staycation

O.K. So seriously. I've been on a 48 hr 'staycation'. by MYSELF. No kids and no husband. I'm pretty sure I have not spent 48hrs by myself since when I left London after University in 2000.  Really. A whole entire 48hrs to do what ever I want, when I want.  So cool. And weird. And cool at the same time. And really weird that I have not been alone for 12 years.

I have to admit that I've been talking to myself a little, and the radio has been blaring all the super fun inappropriate songs. My goodness radio has taken a turn for the...what shall I call it... not so subtle!!!! "Blow my whistle"  really? and no thank you. 

So what do you think the FIRST thing I did when everyone left? 

Cleaned of course!!!  Not a crazy clean. I don't want to spend my entire staycation cleaning. but guess what!!! EVERYTHING I put away is STILL PUT AWAY!!! Not only that, but I really don't make a lot of mess and can clean up quite nicely after myself.  I picked up ONCE.... THAT IS RIGHT..ONCE.   and it all stayed put.  I have to admit that for that reason alone, I'm a very happy camper. It also makes me realize how much energy and time I spend picking up and wiping the same things 50 times a day. 

Then what did I do.... let's see....

So I cleaned. Took a nap, did NOT make supper, made pickles for the first time, watched a girly movie, played with the dog outside, mowed the lawn, took my time feeding the animals (because there is no destructive 2 year old that can't be left alone for more than 5 minutes), talked on the phone, slept IN, went into town to see a friend in a race, had a wonderful chat on my porch with my friend, read a book on bees, had another nap, picked up something from kijiji, PAINTED it, and now I'm writing this post. I'm also having a glass of wine for dinner. Not sure if the last choice is a good idea or not. I think I will find out in the morning.

Tomorrow morning my plan is to let the dog wake me up so I can head to the feed store and go for an early morning run.  Then I plan on drinking coffee in a BATH in the middle of the day while finishing my book.  Oh glorious!!!!!

What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of crickets chirping in the background.  Oh you say I deserved this staycation??
Thanks. That is so nice of you to say.  Especially since Tuesday  I will spend the entire day packing a camping trailer, and the entire family up, and purchase all necessary things for our first ever camping trip starting on Wednesday, which will be anything BUT silent.  So yes. I deserved this.  lol

And thank you Mom for taking ALL 4 kids.

Oh...and if you plan on stalking me and coming over because I'm 'all alone'. Don't bother. I have an attack dog AND I purposely pressed SEND on this post AFTER  everyone arrived home again. So there. Take that crazy people. O.K I think the wine was NOT such a good choice after all.

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Sara said...

LOL, you're awesome. If you're interested in having bees then you HAVE to stop in at my cousin's farm stand on 6th Street in Collingwood b/c not only do they grow a lot of the produce for the stand AND raise chickens & ducks (tell them you lost some chickens to a predator, it'll make them feel better b/c they did too), they also have bee hives! Y'all would be perfect for each other! They might even invite you over to the farm house to see the hives/chickens/ducks and where Dylan and I were married :)