July 10, 2012

Summer Living

I'm up at 5am as the sun pokes through the horizon. I'm up because my children have been sleeping in a tent for 3 days and my brain is on high alert for any noise outside.  Having caught the NASTY raccoon that killed 165 of my meat chickens last week I am starting to sleep a little deeper. However, knowing my babies are outside, I'm on high alert for any more predation. God help the creature that tries to harm one of my children. So far so good. The children are loving it and are still alive ;)  We had a coyote kill a calf the other night, so my fears are not unwarranted. I have a feeling mama will be getting her gun licence soon and will be packing a 22. Sounds so organic, earth loving and natural doesn't it?? lol

For those of you who are wondering what on earth has happened to me, and what I'm up to, here is a run down.  I have a million (minus 165) animals I'm taking care of and I'm loving it. We are figuring out this farming thing and busy with customers.  I also have 4 children that I'm reconnecting with and doing fun things with.  My house is being neglected and the fridge is bare and I don't care. That pretty much sums it up.  I do have some great pictures but my camera is off somewhere....so here are two I uploaded the other day.

The first is my mama chicken and her duck babies. It is so cute to see the dynamics  between them. The kids named them Ding and Dong after their parents...Ping and Pong.

These are the remainder of my meat chickens. They are in the tractor my husband built and are happy. They get sunlight, fresh air, shelter from the rain and protection from predators. They also get moved to a fresh patch of grass daily to peck and scratch for bugs. In this picture they are all out in the sunshine.  Best chicken ever.

That's it for now. My coffee is empty and my children are about to wake up. After the animals are fed we are headed to day 2 of SKY VBS with our church. We will return home in time to feed animals again, take a nap, swim and head to soccer.

Happy Summer,

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