March 18, 2012

Why Cloth Diapers Rock

My youngest baby is out of diapers. This marks the end of it all until my grand babies. 10 years of diapers.  I just sold them all for a little pocket change. 

This is why I think everyone should use cloth diapers...

You can save HUNDREDS of dollars

Seriously. There are other reasons, but this one is pretty much the best one. Really. I have nothing else to say. HUNDREDS.... I would think even after 10 years of diapers, perhaps a maybe even a thousand.

O.K here are a couple of other reasons:

No diaper rashes
No garbage
No chemicals
No bum creams needed
Easier to potty train
Super easy (The new ones are amazing)
Reusable and Re sellable

And as I always ask myself.... What do people do in the developing world, and what did people do for THOUSANDS of years before disposable diapers.  They did just fine..that is what they did.

On that note. I had one of my organic mommy moments the other day as I was brushing my teeth.  What did people use before all those plastic toothbrushes. What did they use before toothpaste was invented and what does most of the developing world do for a toothbrush.  Just wondering.  ( oh, and I would insert question marks on my questions but I canèt get the french keyboard to turn off!!!! ) Where IS that buttonÉÉÉ (see...those are supposed to be question marks)


alltheprettythings said...

baking soda and water made into a paste, tree bark as an abrahasive....just a few examples.

We use eco friendly (isn't everything nowasays) for the kids-the ones that look like wood, but are made of some recycled plastic bottles or something and Tom's toothpaste....that is as organic as I get when it comes to dental hygiene.....the tree bark just isn't on my agenda-yet

Stacey said...

baking soda is actually super abrasive, and not recommended. I honestly think people didn't brush their teeth many years ago, and that rotten teeth was normal. Or maybe their diets were healthier for their teeth? No idea ;)

Sara said...

Didn't they eat apples to clean their teeth? Also, FYI:

a2zbaby said...

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