March 15, 2012

Decorating Help Needed

I would love some advice. I'm ready to fix my hallway. I need something that is durable, bright, and clean. I am thinking of white wallpaper. Either white but with a textured paper, or white with a tiny flower pattern.  Keep in mind the walls are plaster and cracked, not straight, and bumpy. This is why I'm thinking wallpaper. I think it will hide the cracks that show up every year in the same spots.

This is the view of my hallway from my very yellow dining room. My sunporch is through that door. I wallpapered by the door, and on the left with leftover paper from my old house. I really like it. My problem is now I need to do something with the wall to the right and the wall going up the stairs.

Here is a bit better look at the wall on the right. It has crayon written on it.

Here is the view from my sunporch looking back at my dining room.  The banister is the original wood from the 1800s. That I will keep. I think the stairs look silly painted a dark colour that does not match the banister. Ièm (how did I press the french keyboardÉ)  anyway...ignore the french letters.  So anyway, Ièll be sanding the stairs down to the original wood, so it looks more natural. The banister is not quite as orange as it seems in this picture. 

You can see the wall on the right heading upstairs. The crack in the wall comes and goes and I want to hide it. I also need something a little less institutional. As you can see the upstairs is just as drab. There is another huge wall of the same colour upstairs.

Ideas please.


anita said...

You could go with some sort of wainscotting up the stairwall. Tongue and groove boards and a trim strip...but yes, there are also some really nice textured wall papers out there. You could also make a really nice textured wall with a coat of fresh plaster and some sort of swirled or brushed pattern. Google "how to hide flaws in plaster walls". When dry, you can paint it in what ever color you want.

alltheprettythings said...

Everything Anita said would be fantastic....but I gotta say, I LOVE wallpaper. and I love to mix patterns-just my thing-less expected, less since you have flowers on the back section that are large, I like a vintage looking wallpaper with tiny flowers...the only problem is it is so close to the other, you don't have to have matching flowers, but the hues or tones of the colors have to match-you know what I mean? Or you could do some sort of stripped wallpaper, or perhaps the easiest and less having to look around and compare, etc, would be the paintable white textured paper. I would be prone to leave it white (white right now is the "hot" color in decorating by the way, so you are on to something) but then you have the option down the road to paint it if you choose and want something different...

sanding down the stairs would be fantastic and if I had them I would paint some sort of saying (like I have in my hallway) down the front of the stairs-emerging mummy did that on her stairs. I don't have the link-sorry-but I could get you the saying and you can alter/modify for your tastes and family.

You know I LOVE to decorate, so when you are ready for this project, let me know. I will come to you and wallpaper shopping we shall go!!

Alyson said...

hmmm.I like the wainscotting idea. I would need my husband for that though.
and you remember this wallpaper? it was from when you helped me decorate my bedroom in kingston ;) I would just take a sample to the colour your world in kingston. There are just too many choices though!!!

If I do the wainscotting and wallpaper would that be too much???

The stairs idea sounds cute.

alltheprettythings said...

do the wainscotting and the wallpaper..not too much at all....would be fantastic...But you know me....I love me some wainscotting and wallpaper...can there ever be too much!!! I totally remember the wallpaper and doing that room actually!! lots of fun....

Oh the fun of decorating....yeah for a new project!!!