February 23, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go...

Sooo...an interesting property has come up for sale. This on a day when we are told we are currently the ONLY grass fed pastured beef producers in the area. This on a day when cattle prices are soaring and we have come to the realization that making a living off this farm is very do-able.  You see, our dream is for Adam and I to farm full time. We believe whole heartedly that we can make a living raising incredibly healthy meat and veggies, and organic grain for the public. There is a demand for it, and franctly offering people an alternative to the crap at the store just seems like the right thing to do.

The property?  It comes with a home, a store, and 4 GIANT greenhouses. All 7kms from our farm and on a very busy part of the city.  And all for a price we can actualy afford. Well, if we sold this house and moved to that one. We would live there for a few years until the business took off, then build a home here on the farm and use the other house as rental income. 

The store would offer us an already set up space to begin selling not only our products, but make available to our town products produced withing a 100km radius. A local grocery store if you want to call it that.
The greenhouses would allow us to grow fresh and amazing veggies right there, offering people an alternative to the garbage trucked in, sprayed and processed for winter consumption around here. 

The scary part of this scenario is that it is quite possible and feasable. But are we willing to jump in?
I've been wanting so badly to open a local goods store here. There is an incredible need and I think I would do a great job.  My husband could then expand his cattle herd, and the girls could eventually become the cow girls they wish they were :)

The best part, is I think it would allow us the capital to build the home we want on the farm. The house on the new property is tiny, but would take a FRACTION of the time to clean, allowing me to focus on other things...like a GIANT lettuce operation...lol

O.K the really scary part is that it is not a bad idea. 

The really really scary part is the amount of people in our lives that are willing and able to help us.


We could purchase one of those greenhouses used and move it out here on the farm. Hmmm. Interesting. If we did that we would have to come up with the money though. Would we get a business loan?  You see if we sold here and bought the other property it would BE our mortgage. Of course, if we got a loan to purchase and set up a greenhouse here on our current property the sales of the produce themselves would pay the loan off...right??? And this being zoned agricultural instead of commercial I bet I would have more freedom when it comes to the use of manure and chickens to clean out my greenhouses.
Something to think about.

Not that any of you care. Just thought I would share what our thought are around here. Kind of exciting to think about.


alltheprettythings said...

Wow, that is so much to consider and so exciting at the same time... pray and fast and as per usual God will reveal himself to you clearly. He has every other time....

Cheryl said...

Great idea about having a "locally grown grocery store". If it is the location I am thinking about....it couldn't be any better for business. Definitely something to consider. Good retirement house for in-laws too;)