September 08, 2011

It's Worth the Effort

It is chicken processing day here at Elm Valley Farm.  It is an early start, a late finish and a lot of work, but worth every effort.
The above video is super cute and explains a little bit about why Adam and I have decided to do what we do. We feel strongly that one day he will quit his day job and we will farm full time.  We are not sure if we can make a living doing things the way we do. As it stands, this year we will be taking a slight loss on our chickens , but it is worth figuring this whole farming thing out.  We will just make adjustments next year and move on.

It is worth it. Farming is not what is used to be and modern practices have given the beef and chicken industry a bad name. We want to do it for the  earth, the animals, and our bodies. 

Watch the video...
The end ;)


Sara said...

I love that clip, for more reasons than just the obvious. We've just sold our beloved farm & it's fields to my 2nd cousin who runs Currie's Market in Collingwood (google it) b/c he wants to become an organic farmer (he's already farming his dad & uncle's fields and needs more land) & he intends to raise some pigs! I shared this with him on his FB wall. Thanks!

Meghan said...

So cute & such an important message - also made me cry... Heh, that could have more to do with the 4.5 months pregnant thing tho :)

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

We butchered chickens ourselves (for ourselves) this year too. I still haven't blogged about it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.