September 13, 2011

Catching up

I have been nesting. Preparing for the school year seems to have put me in organizing and task completion mode. I think part of the reason is to occupy my mind now that I no longer have lessons to plan. I'm alright with that. Things are getting done around here and I'm loving that.

The chickens are in the freezer and my coops are being cleaned out. My vegetable garden will soon be fully harvested and coated with chicken manure. The laundry and chores are complete for the week and my drawers are more organized than EVER before. Thanks Mom for noticing ;)

Remember that dresser I bought for 20$ in the summer?

It now has a coat of fresh paint ( I let the girls pick the colour), and has found a home in Lara and Erin's closet.

Some of you who frequent my house remember there used to be a counter on top of this wall with 3 bar stools. We removed them in the spring leaving a towering dark wooden wall. It just didn't look finished so I finished it. All by myself if I may add ;)

Now when you look into the kitchen from the dining room is just looks brighter and cleaner.

That same day I managed to fix and nail this corner piece of moulding back myself.  I also painted and freshened up the rest of the myself.  

Completing small projects that have been bumped to the bottom of my to do list for the past 2 years has been so satisfying. 

Of course, so if blogging during the day in silence while the babies nap upstairs ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT Alyson!

Carey said...

THe dresser looks great in the the green.

Cherine M said...

Very nice:))