September 05, 2011

As Ready as I'm Going to Be

You are going to laugh at me which is fine because I've been laughing at myself lately. You see, I've organized every cupboard and sharpened EVERY pencil possible in this house in preparation for the first day of school. I told Adam that I feel like I'm nesting. I feel the exact same way I did preparing for the birth of all my babies. I remember with Lara I just HAD  to have cotton balls. I could not sleep or sit down until I had those cotton balls sitting on her change table. For the record I think think I have EVER used a cotton ball on any of my babies ;) lol

I've realizd that it is part nervous energy, but preparing for school in August is what I have done for the past 5 years of homeschooling. Exept homeschooling takes MUCH more prep work. I think that is why I've gone overboard with the little prep the teaching actualy need me as a parent to do. 

Whatever...Nothing wrong with keeping sharp pencils around the house.  Actualy I think my ultra preparation skills may have a teensy bit to do with what I used to do for a living.....

                            lol...I found that picture of me the other day and thought I would share it. My lesson that day was not to smile when trying to hide from enemies in the bush.

I'm ready and have enough time left over tonight to blog a little. The bags are packed and the schedule is up.
I have a feeling the schedule will be as 'useful' as the first homeschooling schedule I made. It all looks great on paper until life starts to happen.  We will see how it goes!!  I DID have myself waking up at 630am to feed the chickens before waking the children...After a good laugh I realized that I will just fit all the other stuff in there as soon as I can.

For fun I thought I would show you my children's chore chart. It is not as slave like as it may first apear.  They do a PART of the bigger chore, rotates between children, and they don't always have to do all the chores on the chart.

So That's it folks! Tomorrow's the big day. I feel prepared as I will ever be.
Good night


Kirsten said...

Omg. Please come and organize me. Xoxo

Carey said...

I hope you have a great day. I saw on your schedule your girls are doing GEMS, my youngest daughter does GEMS as well on Wed.

Dad said...

That's my girl