June 01, 2011

Who Turned up the Heat??

The last two days have been SCORCHING hot! Where did THAT come from? Not that I'm complaining but the temperature difference is hard to adjust to so quickly.

You see we live in a 3 layer brick home. There is no insulation and no we do not have air conditioning. I'm pretty sure if we did we would shut down the entire power grid trying to cool this home down. 

Normally if we keep ALL 23 windows shut tightly and covered we have a 3 day window before the outside temperature equals the inside. 

Well it has been so hot and humid the last two days that our inside upstairs temperature was 80F last night, not including humidity..blech. I normally don't complain about weather but it was a little adjustment to the 60F we slept in two nights prior.

This is me DYING on our front porch attempting to hang laundry.  Did you know that if you put a porch into an L shape, line it with brick and face the direct afternoon sun you create and OVEN?  I'm not joking when I say the thermostat on the window behind me read 42C!!!  I'm pretty sure I did not sweat that much running my Half Marathon the other day ;)

Oh Anne of Green Gables would have been proud of me yesterday. After all...they did not EVER have air conditioning options.  Or my mothers fabulous Salt Water pool that we  tested out yesterday ;) 

Bring on Summer! Me and my straw hat can endure :)


Anonymous said...

OK, I have to say you look awesome in that green dress and hat! I really wish I could photograph you Alyson! Stay cool! :D

Alyson said...

Thanks Cathy, I appreciate that. I decided a long time ago that when I head to Vancouver next you and I have a date for a run and a photo session!

Anonymous said...

That would be amazing Alyson! I would LOVE that so much! :D

Diane said...

The heat has been intense. We have had temps in the 90s for almost two weeks with no end in sight, also no rain. It is so humid that when I hang out laundry it takes all day to dry and still might be moist by nightfall.