June 11, 2011

A very Random Post...

I'm a LONG way from being Anne or a Mennonite.  I don't like to sew, and I'm quite lazy when it comes to weeding my garden. I also LOVE the Internet for its access to information. Maybe I should just stick to living in this 150year old house with its modern amenities, hang my laundry, raise my chickens and wear my aprons.

I suppose I COULD do it if I had to. After all, back then people helped each other with certain things. The women did not do it ALL on their own. They shared their resources and what they were good at. So maybe a modern colony IS what I need? 

A MUST for my colony???

Perennial Flowers that bloom from Early Spring until LATE Fall.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers but I'm cheap. Annuals seem like a waste of money. I'm all about watching different flowers come up at different times of the year.Lilac season has come and gone but now it is Peonie time!!  I'm lucky in that in the 4 years we have lived here I have managed to steal/sever a bunch of plants from the neighbors to enjoy on our own property. Why is it that when things are free they are sooo much more enjoyable??

That was the entire point of this post...To show you the peonies on the table and how they make me happy.  I suppose I could have just said that. I think I've had too much coffee. Anyway, off to feed chickens and smell the flowers.

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RoryBore said...

I love my peony plant!! It has just bloomed too. Next to lilac time, this is one of my favourite times of the bloom season...walking into my backyard and smelling the fresh blooms. And I also did a post today just so I could show off their delicate pink loveliness!