June 11, 2011

A Girly Party...Just Because

My girls decided to put on a tea party for their friends just for fun.  They did EVERYTHING from the planning, the invitations, deciding what food they wanted, setting up the table, and the planning of the games and activities.

It was so much fun to be the consultant and not the planner for once and such a joy to watch my girls entertain their friends.
There was pin the cherry on the cupcake, dance party, and a dress up and nail station. 

They had a wonderful time and they learned a lot about entertaining. I think they acquired an appreciation into how much thought and preparation goes into a friendly get together.  I'm all about allowing my kids to learn and do things on their own. I think too many leisure activities are controlled by adults. They were supervised today yes, but the flow of things certainly was not controlled. I have to admit that it was fun to be able to step back and watch how they interact with their friends.  I love it when I can see the confidence bubbling from within them.


anita said...

We had a party today too. A girly party...a wedding shower for Steph, my daughter. Enjoy those little girls. Time flies!

Dad said...

Don't forget, what they learn came from you and Adam.
Goes to show you are doing a good job.

Carey said...

What a great idea! We had a party too..a birthday party. IT was lots of fun too.