June 27, 2011

I'm a Proud Country Mama

 The above picture is my vegetable garden. Notice the onions,lettuce and carrots growing all nicely and in symbiotic relationship?  I'm pretty happy about it. For the first time I planted my garden organically, planting things beside each other that help. 
This is the best year yet. Probably because the older girls shockingly have been WILLING and enthusiastic about helping me weed it. 
I'm confident that some day I'll have a huge garden and be able to feed the world ;)
 Here are my meat chickens at 4 weeks.  They are Heavy duel purpose. The brown ones are the females and the white are the males. 
Like my vegetable garden, I'm pretty happy with my choice of bird this year. They eat less and have more personality than the white rock chickens I've had in the past.
 As for the ducks... They aren't they just adorable?? And no I'm not eating them.
 At 4 weeks they are ready to be out on grass to explore their environment and be able to fully enjoy their 'chickeness'. 

I feel really good about the way we raise our animals. I am proud to be able to say that we raise healthy chicken who are able to spend their days being treated the way they should be. They eat bugs and grass, and soon will be on fresh grass every couple of days. I've learned so much  since moving here 4 years ago. I am a proud country mama today. Proud of the small difference we are making here.

Today was a good day. I cleaned two chicken coops, weeded a garden, hung laundry on the line, folded it, made muffins, took care of my babies, made a fabulous fresh supper, went for a family bike ride, and enjoyed a wonderful evening with my husband.

I like my life today, and I like that I like it ;)
That's it. Just thought I would share a part of my day.


alltheprettythings said...

liking life is a good feeling...

the garden looks fantastic...

Nicole said...

I've been following your other blog for a while, and just checked out this blog. Nice!

I live in Ontario too, and would love to live the country life. I live in a rural area, but in town. I have llama envy :) Oh, and chicken envy. Hubs won't let me get chickens for our suburban backyard.

I'm enjoying both of your blogs!

Anita said...

The garden is looking great! Awesome job guys!

Anna said...

I just started following your blog and am super jealous about the amount of land you have! I was also curious about where you learned which plants "helped" each other when planted together. I'd love to start a smaller version in our yard but feel a bit overwhelmed at how/where to start.