June 24, 2011

Chicken Killers??

This is the night camera picking up an image of a raccoon taking the tuna out of the cage and not getting trapped. This is AFTER I lost 12 chickens in the past week to something VICIOUS and EVIL.  I am still not convinced it is this raccoon.
The first few nights the evil culprit came in through a small hole, dragged 6 egg layers out, killed them and left.  This raccoon seems quite incapable of squeezing through the hole. As you can see it looks like we have been feeding it very well.

It is war around here.  I'm thinking it is a weasel. All I know that whatever it is must die.  Mama's nest has been disturbed and she (that would be me), is in defense mode. Mess with my babies...Mess with me.


Kaitlin @ Homemaker Design said...

That really stinks! :( I hope you catch and can rid yourself of your pests!!

I noticed mention of beef for sale. My husband and I might be interested. Can you email us at dkandrewsATlive.ca with details. Thanks Alyson!

Cheryl said...

Did you catch that sucker yet? Sardines are excellent bait.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear of the chicken being killed . I had 6 that all gor killed last night . I am so upset . whatever it was ate the guts out of 2 and bite the heats of the other s . I am so sad .... Betty