May 04, 2011

Spring on the Homestead

These pictures are from two weeks ago. It has rained SO much over the last week that now the grass is long and lush. We had a wicked wind storm the other day and so branches are EVERYWHERE. As soon as this rain lets up we will continue with the clean up. Until then we are kind of at a stand still.

Meanwhile here are a few pictures...

Here are my egg layers in all their chicken glory. It is amazing what happens when you allow your animals to act the way God designed them to be.

They are dusting themselves. They eat all the bugs and vegetation in an area turning it 'dust like'. They dig down deep and fluff their feathers with the dirt. Chickens do NOT like water.

Here you can see our portable fence. I love it because this year it has successfully kept them away from my Tulips and I can move it onto new grass. June 1st 100 Meat chickens, 30 Turkeys and 2 Peking ducks will join them.

Last year it rained in the fall and so we were unable to find the time to mulch up all the maple leaves. That makes for a HUGE mess in the ditches. I'm not looking forward to this task but it looks like this year I have some help ;)

Seeds are planted and growing nicely in the sunporch. Right now I have tomatoes,herbs,broccoli and beans growing nicely.

I declare this the year we take back our lawn and tree line. The amount of noxious weeds including thistles and poison parsnip is OVERWHELMING. Not to mention the LAYERS of garbage that works its way up to the soil surface. I am determined to clean the tree line. This wheelbarrow is full of THISTLES I just pulled from the back lawn.

This is a pile of old Burr bushes. Burn baby Burn away!!!

If we have to do so much labor we are also determined to enjoy ourselves. Two birds with one stone and if I yell Bonfire! the kids are more than happy to find junk to throw in that fire.

The 'furniture' there was my summer project last year that I never completed. I think I just may throw them in the fire and buy new ones ;)

Of course what bonfire is complete without plastic pool floaty.

There you have it for today. We are busy living and working hard to create the home we want both physically and spiritually.

We have made some drastic decisions that we feel will help us. I will post about those another day. Until then we are continuing to seek God's will in our lives.


alltheprettythings said...

growing up we had so many bonfires... loved them...

wow, i would be so overwhelmed I think with all the spring duties.. good that you can find some fun in that as well....

Sara said...

Love catching up with your family via your posts. I'd also love to bring the kids by your place to see the chickens! Could your "drastic" decision be referring to the schooling of your children?!

Anonymous said...

oh I agree with the above are headed to school! if true that is shocking.