March 29, 2011

Spring Prep Begins...

The sun is out and the ground has thawed but for the end of March it is still quite cold. This year I'm trying to get a head start on my garden. I read that if you place black tarps over your garden for 6 weeks before the planting season begins it will prevent the weeds from rooting. We have a SERIOUS burdock root problem surrounding our garden and I'm pretty sure there are enough burr bush seeds in my soil to velcro ourselves together. Being cheap I used old tarps. I have a feeling I NEED a black tarp so the soil warms up a little more. We will see. I don't mind experimenting if I don't have to spend money.
This year I decided the girls are to be involved in EVERY aspect of this garden. I enjoy watching them work together and learn with me. Besides...Why have so many children if I don't employ them to help me with crazy ideas I come up with??
April 1st we will plant our seeds in the sun porch in hopes that by the end of May they will be good and ready for the garden. This year I'm taking a more organic and organized approach to my planting. I did alright last year but made some big mistakes.

I'm also hoping to try garden sharing again this year. My dream would be for someone to come over and build a bunch of raised beds, tell me what to plant where, come over and help weed, and then we eat and be merry. We could give the left over food to the food bank!?!

Anyone? Anyone? Please?

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