March 29, 2011

Run WITH me!

Hi everyone. I am training for my first ever 1/2 Marathon on May 29th.

Running has helped me to overcome a lot of things and I am on my way to accomplishing a life goal.

Training for this Half has taught taught me in a very practical way that life is about the Journey and I want my journey not to be a selfish one.

Although I am running alone I decided that I don't want to run for myself. I would like to know that every painful step I take out there is for someone else. After is not about me and neither should my running be.

So...I could really use your support out there. It would be nice to know that while I train you are 'running with me'. It would also be motivating to know that every km means one more dollar for a child.

So will you help me? I would like to raise 366 Dollars. One dollar for every km left to go...race included.

I set up a page at with the charities I chose to run for. It is a VERY SAFE AND SECURE website and the money goes TO THE CHARITY. Not to me. I just get to see the total given.

To give just go to and go to GIVING PAGES. Search Alyson McNish. or try the following link

Thank you in advance for helping me with my journey...and thank you from the kids you are about to help!!! Alyson McNish

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