October 05, 2010

Creative Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not always easy when you have different children with completely different personalities and learning styles. At the SAME time that is also the fun and beauty of homeschooling. You see...although it takes a little more time effort and energy to find what works for you child, it is so wonderful to be able to tailor their learning to them.

Last year I discovered just HOW different my two oldest girls are from each other. What has worked for the past 4 years with Lara was just not cutting it with Erin. It was a little frustrating but I think I now understand Erin's learning style a little more.

Today was a great example of how I've had to change things around here.....

Math lessons involve counting allowance that comes in nickels. After it is given out, they count out a number of beans in their jar and give me BACK a nickel for every bean. (Instead of yelling at them or telling them 3x they put a bean in their jar....makes for a more peaceful home)
After that they are allowed to exchange small money for bigger money with the banker (Mom).

'Change' around here has been for the better that is for sure... Ha ha. Get it? 'change' Lol.

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Uncle B said...

I need to hear about this bean thing. Maybe I can yell less...