October 05, 2010

Come as You Are....

"He's not Mad at you. He is not disappointed. He is full of mercy and ever kind. His arms are open wide. You can come as you are...all your broken pieces and shameful scars. The pain you hold in your heart....bring it all to Jesus and come as you are."

I've mentioned before how incredibly difficult this past year has been for me. With a lot of prayer and surrender and listening it is all coming together. I am in awe at how my prayers are being answered. How my cry was and is always being heard. Sometimes He shows himself immediately, and other times He makes me wait in patient silence for His timing.

I'm grateful for the people in my life who have not left me in this time of trial. I am grateful for the friends and family that have supported and encouraged me and not turned their backs on me when they discovered just how broken I am.

Thank you. My heart if full of humble gratitude today. I am so excited for the months ahead. For the changes in my life and for the support. I am no longer afraid to be broken. I am no longer afraid.


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