September 26, 2010

Simply Fall

I love fall. I love it because the colours are beautiful, the weather is perfect, and the bugs hide where I can't see them.

Fall for me is also new start to a new year. We get to adjust our schedule and make changes. We get to do things the way we want to do them. This year I am taking back the life we used to live. A life that was simpler and more enjoyable.

Something happened over this past year that I can't explain. Well a lot of things happened that added up to some big stuff. Some things we cannot change and need to leave in the Lord's hands, but others we MUST change. I need to take back the life that is ours. A simple life. The life that I loved for the first 3 years when we moved to the farmhouse.
I need to find our joy again.

The joy in simple things that molded who we are as a family. The joy found in the friends that we have already had and have missed so dearly connecting with. The joy found in just being together.

I love how fall allows us to just be together.

Here are a few simple things I've enjoyed this past week....

I'm grateful for more simple things to be a part of today, and I'm glad I've found a way to enjoy them.

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Homemaker Design said...

Beautiful photos Alyson!