September 22, 2010

Our Baby turns ONE

It's her birthday Mom! Can we go wake her? Can we get the presents? When do we eat Cake? Is Daddy going to be home? .....

One Year ago today we all welcomed the last edition to our family. Audrey Margaret Anne McNish was born exactly one year ago as I type this.
Two weeks over due I never thought she was going to be here. I never thought she was 'real'.
I never thought I would have four children. But I do and I'm so blessed they are in my life.

Here she is one year later.
Our lightest sleeper.
Our smallest child.
Our earliest walker.
Our Blankie loving,
Strawberry blond hair,
Easy temperament,
Smothered in love,
One year later we are still nursing, still baby wearing, still cloth diapering, and still enjoying every day with her. Thanks for coming into my life. Now start sleeping through the night. Mommy.


Carey said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Andrea said...

she is too sweet. Love the overalls lol..
Happy birthday big girl!!!