July 26, 2010

Family Love

The Cousins are here!! The cousins are here!!

I have one brother. He's name is B and he lives far far away in the land of Oz...or something like that. You see, he fell in love with a princess from another land so visiting does not happen often. In fact the last time I saw him there would have been only 4 in the above picture.
Having him and the family visit has been a wonderful distraction from the monotony of house duties and chickens that has been plaguing my life. It has been an excuse to swim more (if possible), play more and do some fun things around here that I have been meaning to do.
Better than an excuse for a distraction, being able to spend time with him and get to know him as the adult/father/husband he is, is probably the best present. Having him and his family here makes me realize why both of us have ever expanding families of our own. We miss family. We need family. We love family. It is something that I have needed for a long long time and love that I have it now.
So you see, B's visit is more than just a visit. It is kind of a conclusion to a long and complicated life story...a fairy tale happy ending Shrek style. And it is good.


Carey said...

Enjoy your visit with your brother!

cathy said...

I am very happy for you (all!)

Anita said...

Enjoy your family! I am soo happy that you are able to spend this special time together.. memories you guys will always have!

Anita said...
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Anonymous said...

I love and long for family as well!! This is what I envisioned a long time ago when I had my children. It has been wonderful!